Recap of Spring 2023

Our seminar this spring was a smashing success, featuring presentations from several of our own members. The subjects taught included:

  1. Cruz Castillo: Quantum Unique Ergodicity
  2. Clayton Williams: Theta Lifts of Modular Forms
  3. Robert Dicks: Congruences of Modular Forms and a Shimura Correspondence for Eta Multipliers
  4. Ken Willyard: Lang’s Conjecture
  5. Debmalya Basak: Gaussian Phenomena for Small Quadratic Residues and Non-Residues
  6. Cruz Castillo: Sign Changes of the error term in the Piltz divisor problem

In addition to these engaging talks, we also tackled challenging exercises from Ramakrishnan and Valenza’s Fourier Analysis on Number Fields.

We had an excellent semester and hope to see more number theorists in Fall 2023!

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