Tentative Spring 2024 Calendar

January 24Organizational Meeting
January 31Ken – Herbrand-Ribet Theorem
February 7Cruz – Modular Forms and their L-Functions
February 14Deb – Some Remarks on Landau-Siegel Zeros
February 21Jaya – Probability and Number Theory: Some connections
February 28Alex – An Exposition of p-adic Analysis toward Dwork’s Theorem
March 6Ploy – Quantum Unique Ergodicity
March 13Spring Break
March 20Ken – TBD
March 27Cruz – Preliminary Exam Practice
April 3Amy – Square Pyramidal Numbers
April 10Jason – Theory of Integer Partitions
April 17Lin – TBD
April 24Khaled – TBD
May 1Tanmay – Large gaps between primes

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